Percieved Obselesnce Bachelor’s Thesis

A workbook and workshop for students in the advertising program at Portland State University on how to bring perceived obsolescence into consideration when creating ad campaigns.



Creating space for a disscussion instead of a debate

This workbook is a critique of advertising; the career feild most of these students are excited to enter. I was very nervous about the project coming off as an attack and the workshop becoming a place where people will have to feel like they need to defend advertising.


Approach the subject with curiosity and release authority

When thinking about the structure of the workbook my very first goal was to give up authority. I needed to be honest with my own consumption habits and how I do like new things, and as a designer this subject is something I will be constantly facing in my career. The rest of the workbook is designed to be a conversation with the reader and hopefully push the reader to have conversations with their peers.