Relflections on unconventional rituals and traditions from childhood. 


My dad and I used to swim at New Brighton Beach every day. There’s a sense of freedom you get swimming in the ocean that you can’t find on land.

Every time I visit my parents we all take a dance class together.

If I walked to the liquor store with my dad then I could get a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. 

I still love the idea of Fairies, as I get older I think I believe in them more.

On Sunday morning my dad and I would get doughnuts and I would take the French Vanilla coffee creamers and drink them on the way home.

Blue by Joni Mitchell was the one of the only albums in my dad’s car, my mom and I knew all the words, my favorite song was California.

So I wasn’t left out when my parents drank coffee I drank steamed milk with honey in the morning.